Dandelion Bear is the smallest of the ten ABR cubs. She is noticeably smaller than all of the others, but that doesn’t stop her. She is a busy little bear, and on this day she seemed to be everywhere at once, interacting with the other five cubs in Wild Enclosure #2.

It seemed that all six of the cubs were extra busy, climbing up and down the trees.
Dandelion and Boudreaux touched noses, a traditional bear cub greeting.
Boudreaux is all about eating. He is on a mission to become a really big bear.
Jessamine is eating peanuts off of her tummy. Dandelion shreds a stump to get at insects.
Dandelion stands in the drinking tub.
She makes a less-than-graceful exit from the tub.
More water! Dandelion and brother Bentley swim in the Cubby Pool.
After all that activity, Dandelion needed a nap!

All of the cubs are active, but sometimes it seems that Dandelion is making up for her small size by being more active than the others. Each cub has its own personality – hers is super-size!