Wild Enclosure #2: the Trio (Bentley, Dandelion, Jessamine) and the new girls (Bluebelle, Marigold) are sharing the enclosure, but so far have not made contact.

Bluebelle and Marigold are getting used to the enclosure.
The Trio is very much at home and are busy foraging.
Bentley tears into a log for the tasty insects inside. Yummy!

Both groups of cubs are aware of the other and it’s just a matter of time before they encounter each other, whether accidentally or on purpose. Then they can all hang out together or not – it’s their choice,

In the enclosure next door, the members of the Party of Five have chosen to stay together.
Boudreaux had his head on a Triplet pillow.
Time to get the day started, cubs!
Off they go to forage for their breakfast.

The three yearlings in their enclosure have taught the curators some things they didn’t know about the behavior of yearlings in temporary captivity.

They show more companionship than the curators expected.

All of the ABR bears are doing well. We’ll check on them again in the next post.