With everyone in Wild Enclosures, we can see what they are doing thanks to the enclosure cams. ABR photographer Ken LaValley came by thinking he’d get photos of the Trio moving into their new digs, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. So Ken turned his attention to the Party of Five.

One of the Triplets was curious about the goings-on next door. He struck his Meerkat pose to get a better idea of the action.
Another triplet was just as curious, so we had a second Meerkat cub.
Ken captured the essence of the mighty Boudreaux Bear.

The Trio next door in Wild Enclosure #2 are making good use of all the space and the amenities that are offered.

They are using the expansive platform for play, exploration, and rest.
If it weren’t for the arrows, you might have trouble spotting the three cubs.
One cub is in the pool. Do you think the cub on the tree is coming to join the first one?
The yearlings were not visible, except for Daffodil, who stopped by their pool for a drink.

One more glimpse at the Party of Five – Four bear cubs and one Meerkat cub.

On alert because of the doings next door. We wonder how long it will take for them to get closer to the fence and see their neighbors.

Finally, there was a sweet reunion between the newest cub arrivals – Bluebelle and Marigold Bear were reunited when Marigold came to join her sister in the Acclimation Pen for Wild Enclosure #2. They will remain there for a few days and then they’ll join the Trio in the Wild Enclosure. That will give us a second “Party of Five.”

The two sisters vocalized to each other and then settled down to snooze.