On July 5th, TWRA officers rescued a cub who survived an accident that killed her mother near Gatlinburg. She is ABR Bear #296 and is nicknamed Bluebelle Bear.

ABR #296, Bluebelle Bear was trapped by a TWRA officer
Curator David accepts the transfer of Bluebelle Bear.
At the UT College of Veterinary Medicine, Bluebelle is examined. She weighed 14.5 pounds.
After the exam, Bluebelle slept.

When she awoke, she traveled to ABR.
Bluebelle Bear is now residing in the Acclimation Pen for Wild Enclosure #2. This is the pen recently vacated by Dandelion, Bentley, and Jessamine Bear.

Later that day (July 5th) ABR admitted another cub. This is Bear #297, nicknamed Marigold Bear. She is the sister of Bluebelle, and was found in the same general location as #296.

Marigold Bear is Bluebelle’s sister.
Marigold Bear at UTCVM with Dr. Duvall and Curator Ashley. Marigold weighed a little less than her sister at 13.61 pounds.
Marigold’s foot. She, like her sister, was basically healthy.

The two new cubs are healthy, except for the usual parasites. They both will receive worm medicine and will soon join the trio of Bentley, Jessamine and Dandelion Bear in Wild Enclosure #2.