The Party of Five are doing well in their Wild Enclosure. They have adjusted to the new space and are taking advantage of the amenities. Our photographer of record, Ken LaValley, got some excellent (as usual) photos.

Ken’s photo of two of the Beary Triplets in the Wild Enclosure.
Here is his photo of the third Triplet – looks like it was foraging.

The rest of the photos today are not Ken’s but are revealing. They show what the cubs are doing now that they are outside.

The cubs are staying together. Bears are not herd animals, but these cubs seem not to know that.
It started to rain, and one of the Triplets climbed up to the platform. Soon the others were on the platform, too.
The cubs have taken to their pool right away. Here is Boudreaux the swim star.
This is the Wild Enclosure where the five cubs are residing.

Over in the Acclimation Pen for Wild Enclosure #2, the other three cubs will soon be ready to venture out into their own Wild Enclosure.

Dandelion Bear dragged her food bowl away from Jessamine.
Dandelion makes her point clearer by sitting in the bowl.
Dandelion decided she liked Jessamine’s bowl better. Bentley played with an apple slice.

In Wild Enclosure #4, Sweetie and Daffodil visited their pool.

Are they going to swim? We don’t know, but it looks like Sweetie is climbing in.
Later on, Iris Bear came by but quickly disappeared into the undergrowth.

It is apparent that all is well with the ABR bears. We’ll have another update very soon.