Because the yearlings were hidden in the underbrush, this post will focus on the eight cubs. Can’t blame Sweetie, Daffodil, and Iris for remaining in the cooler foliage where they probably were resting on daybeds. It’s been hot!

The cubs were out and about. In Acclimation Pen #2, the three cubs were up on their platform. They waited before coming down to breakfast.

Their hesitation gave us a chance to capture a “family portrait.”

In Acclimation Pen #3 Boudreaux was first on the scene for breakfast.

To no one’s surprise, here comes Boudreaux. Seems he’s always first to food.
Beignet joins her brother in the food wheel. Here come two of the Beary Triplets.
The third Beary Triplet takes a shortcut from the platform.
The food wheel was not meant to support all of these plump bear cubs!

Very soon the cubs will be out in their Wild Enclosures, where they will have more room. Unfortunately for us, it will not be as easy to watch them, but we’re sure they will be happier.