Morning starts with breakfast for cubs.

Breakfast is served. As usual, all looks neat and clean before the cubs arrive.
There are bowls of food in each of the rooms of the Cub House.

The cubs arrive to check out the menu.
Soon the cubs are immersed in their food.

Boudreaux is becoming rather portly!
They go back and forth between the rooms, eating in both locations.
They often take snacks outside with them, to munch on later (or right away).
Everyone seems to enjoy taking snacks outside.
The Triplets – two wrestle and one eats.

The three cubs in Acclimation Pen #2 enjoy their breakfast, also.

Dandelion Bear likes to stand in her food as she eats.

We switch out to Wild Enclosure #3, where the yearlings have spent the night on the platform.

Sweetie Bear leaves the platform and crosses the tire bridge.
Daffodil joined Sweetie, and Iris Bear appeared, too.
Iris climbed up to the platform.
All three yearlings settled down together for a morning nap.

It’s not common, but very nice that the yearlings are coexisting so well together. They seem to have become good friends.

Watch out! Things will soon change for the cubs. When they are out in their Wild Enclosure they will no longer have their food in bowls! We wonder how the adjustment will go – stay tuned, it will happen very soon.