Daffodil Bear was seen by and then in the Cubby Pool recently. She had a unique method for crossing the pool – she stood on her back legs and walked through the water!

Daffodil Bear comes to the pool.
Standing, she walks across the pool. The water supported her, allowing her to walk on two legs for longer than usual.
She walked back and forth several times.
She finished with a demonstration of her “bear stroke” form.
Daffodil used the safety log to get out of the pool and went into the undergrowth.

Dandelion. Bentley and Jessamine are getting along well in their Acclimation Pen.

Bentley, Jessamine and Dandelion, who sits in her food bowl to eat.

Meanwhile, over at the Cub House . . .

Historic occasion! Two Beary Triplets who are eating, not wrestling!
Three of the chubby cubs in the Cub House. Note the “tip” for the curator.

Seems that everyone at ABR is doing very well. We suspect that the cubs will be out in a Wild Enclosure very soon.