As you know, it’s hard to get photos of the three yearlings. They are more often than not hidden in the underbrush where they can’t be seen. At dusk, they come out of hiding to forage. That’s when we sometimes get to see them, as happened one recent evening.

The three girls came out of the foliage to forage for their supper.
Sweetie is lying down in the shadows. If it weren’t for the arrow, we’d never see her.
Sweetie and Daffodil forage near to each other.
As it started to turn dark, Iris and Daffodil stayed at the base of a tree for a while.

Then it was time for bed. Iris slept on her platform.
Daffodil and Sweetie Bear bunked on the other platform.

Good night, yearlings! Sleep well. Tomorrow is another day.