Dandelion and Bentley, the Polk County Twins, have been residing in the Cub Nursery since their arrival in early June. They needed constant monitoring to make sure they were eating well, and they needed a lot of rest to recover from their ordeal of being on their own at such an early age. But being bear cubs, after a couple of weeks of confinement in the pens there, they were climbing the walls, literally, and showing the curators that they were ready for larger quarters.

On June 21st, the curators obliged by transferring the twins to a large Acclimation Pen. This was Dandelion and Bentley’s Big Day!

The Acclimation Pen is ready for the cubs.
The Cubmobile was ready to transport the twins.
Off they go to their new digs.
First into the new pen was Dandelion. She was moving fast and is a blur.
Soon both cubs were on the platform.
Looking down, Dandelion and Bentley see food below (of course, they could also smell it).
Dandelion climbs down while Bentley watches her.
Bentley climbs down a more traditional way.
Bentley and Dandelion munching on the goodies.
Dandelion starts a wrestling match with her brother. Even though she’s much smaller, she is feisty!
The cubs look outside. They hadn’t seen the outdoors since they arrived at ABR.
A little more play before climbing back up to the platform.
They both climb up – Dandelion has a unique way to climb.
After such an exciting day, it’s time for a nap. Zzzzzz

So the two Polk County cubs are settled into the Acclimation Pen. Before long, we expect them to be joined by our South Carolina cub, Jessamine Bear. They should become a trio of cubby mischief. Watch this space.