It’s always good when we can report that all the bears are doing well. That is true today, as these photos will prove. To start, we’ll take a look at close-ups of the newest arrivals, Dandelion and her brother Bentley, aka the Polk County twins.

Dandelion Bear is the smallest cub we have at the present time.

She has “freckles” on her muzzle
Bentley, her brother, is doing well, too.
The cubs climb on their pen. This shows the difference in size between them.

When they arrived in early June, Dandelion was just half the weight of her brother. As we can see, she is still much smaller, but just as happened with Beignet and Boudreaux, she will likely catch up eventually. It’s amazing what the nutritious food at ABR can do!

Our newest arrival, who has been with us for just a week, is our South Carolina cub, Jessamine. You may recall that she was the sole survivor of a traffic accident that killed her mother and siblings. Jessamine is getting along well in the Red Roof Recovery Center.

Jessamine rests with her heartbeat puppy for comfort.

The Party of Five in the Cub House were intrigued by the addition of a new tub to their Acclimation Pen. If you missed the video of them reacting to it, go back and watch it – it’s really amusing and educational at the same time.

The cubs didn’t know what to make of this new tub in their Acclimation Pen.

Out in Wild Enclosure #3, the three yearlings rested in the trees. They are interacting, not just tolerating each other, although these photos show them taking to their own spaces.

Iris rests on a branch of a large tree.
Sweetie, in another tree not far away.
Daffodil is resting in another tree. All three of them seem relaxed.

It’s not always that we can see all of the eleven bears in one post. This time we were lucky.