Eleven little bears keep the curators and interns busy. Here’s a quick look at a recent day.

The five cubs in the Cub House – here they are, together but separate enough for us to see the two family groups.

The Cajun Twins have been with us longer and are noticeably larger than the Beary Triplets. We can also see the differences in fur color between the two groups.

In the Cub Nursery, Bentley and Dandelion, the Polk County Twins, are doing well. Dandelion is playing with the swingy ball in their pen while her brother eats.
Jessamine Bear can go into her culvert den to rest.
Jessamine also has her own swingy ball to play with.
Daffodil and Sweetie Bear rest on the platform. Iris is hidden in the underbrush.

So all is well at ABR and the 11 bears are doing what they should be doing to make progress toward their ultimate release back into the wild.