Although it was not planned as such, a new addition to the Cub House “dining room” became a challenging activity for Boudreaux Bear. The curators had switched the cubs’ food to all solids, eliminating the porridge. This is to prepare them for their release into the Wild Enclosure, which will take place soon. The curators had put new boxes containing the Bear Diet Pellets into the Cub House, hoping to curtail the random scattering of their food and to give them snacks that would always be available.

Something new excites the cubs’ curiosity.
They must examine this new object, and figure out how they can use (or destroy) it.
Boudreaux thinks it could be a chair.

He decides to take it outside.
Beignet is minding her own business. (A “monkey cub” is on the fence)
Boudreaux works hard – what is he doing?
He is persistent. Where is he going?
Boudreaux is almost finished with his project.

Curiosity gets the best of Beignet. She goes to investigate.
Boudreaux got the box under the boardwalk!
One of the triplet cubs stops by to see what’s going on.
From outside the fence, here is the result of Boudreaux’s efforts.

Bears (including cubs) are curious. Bears (including cubs) are persistent. And bears (including cubs) are very intelligent . Boudreaux proved these facts through his “box project.”