The five cubs in the Cub House have become buddies. Although there are two families represented – the Beary triplets and the Cajun twins – all five of the cubs act like one big, happy family. They play together, wrestle each other, and sleep in a cubby pile on the platform.

Boudreaux and Beignet eat; two of the triplets wrestle.
Hucklebeary and Bluebeary would rather wrestle than eat.
The triplets are focused on their wrestling match. Boudreaux and his sister are focused on eating.
Boxing replaces wrestling . The Cajun twins have almost finished the breakfast.

Blackbeary is the only triplet who doesn’t join in on the wrestling match.
Wrestling is over and all of the cubs decide to eat what’s left.

The two newest arrivals in the Cub Nursery are spending a lot of time sleeping, something they need to do.

Dandelion and Bentley sleep in their pen in the Cub Nursery.
Bentley does a little exploring of the pen.
Then it’s back to sleep. Bentley feels comfortable enough to lie on his back.

Out in the Wild Enclosure, two of the three yearlings are sharing the platform.

Daffodil and Iris Bear sleep on the platform.
Iris starts to wake up early in the morning.

Sweetie Bear may have been sleeping on Milo’s stump, one of her favorite places, with only enough room for one.

It’s good to see everyone doing so well.