Now that we have 10 bears at ABR we need to review where they are currently residing.

We’ll start with the newest arrivals, Dandelion and Bentley Bear. The smallest cubs are in the Cub Nursery, being watched very closely by the curators. They have been sleeping a lot since they arrived earlier this week. No doubt they were exhausted from their ordeal of trying to survive on their own and then from the stress of capture. Rest is what they need.

Sleeping cubs. They need lots of rest.

The remainder of the cub population: the Beary triplets and the Cajun twins, are all in the Cub House where they eat, wrestle, and play both inside and outside in the Acclimation Pen.

Breakfast is served, and Boudreaux comes to the table right away.
In no time, other cubs join him for the meal.
All cubs accounted for. Beignet swings through breakfast.

The three yearlings, Iris, Daffodil, and Sweetie Bear are together in Wild Enclosure #3. We have a photo of two of the yearlings today.

Daffodil and Sweetie are relaxed as they snooze on the platform. Iris is hidden in the underbrush.

All of the bears are doing well, we’re glad to say.