It starts out looking like a proper breakfast, even picture-perfect.

Breakfast is served in Cub House Room #1, Cubs.

Here comes the first guest – Boudreaux Bear.
Beignet Bear follows her brother into the breakfast room.
Other cubs join in the breakfast.
All five makes for a “chaos of cubs.”

Boudreaux and Beignet sample the food in Room #2.
Boudreaux shows his rather ample behind. Bears tend to carry a lot of their weight in their backside. The added fat and muscle helps them to run and climb.
The cubs have pushed the bowls out of camera range, but we can see some of the food.

As soon as breakfast is over, the cubs go outside and the games begin. What a life!

And now the rooms where breakfast was served are in need of cleaning – again. The whole breakfast took about 20 minutes. They may return for another snack before the curator does the cleanup duty.