All of the cubs had spent the day eating, wrestling, climbing, and swinging, but Blackbeary hadn’t had quite enough of the latter. He entered the Cub House alone for a private swing.

Into the Cub House goes Blackbeary Bear.
Blackberry has one more swing on the ball.

Gotta swing some more!
His need to swing satisfied, he trots back out.
That was fun. Now to join the gang outside.

Out in the Wild Enclosure, the yearlings foraged.

Sweetie Bear found an apple in the Cubby Pool.
She captured it!
Daffodil Bear was foraging on the ground.

Iris Bear didn’t appear, but we know she was out there somewhere in the undergrowth. All three of the yearlings are doing well. As for the cubs – here is photographic proof that they do stop moving and take a nap once in a while.

One-two-three-four-five – they are all asleep and still (for a minute, at least).

Just like sleeping children, sleeping cubbies look innocent and angelic. But we know the truth!