It is very difficult to see the three yearlings during the day, when they keep hidden in the thick underbrush. Thanks to night vision on the enclosure cam, it’s easier to see them after dark, when they come out of hiding to forage.

Iris Bear is looking much better now.
Iris is thriving at ABR.
Sweetie and Daffodil keep their distance from each other. Note that each one is by a tree, for a quick escape if necessary.
Sweetie Bear seems to be using Milo’s Stump as her preferred resting place. The stump is out of camera range.
Late at night, Daffodil gets a drink at the Cubby Pool.
She finds some tasty leaves for a snack.
Iris climbed up to the resting platform to sleep.
In the morning, she was still there.
She woke up slowly.
Daffodil Bear was on the other platform.
Daffodil woke up slowly, too.
Sweetie Bear is losing the last of her winter fur; she shows how sleek her summer coat is going to be.

We don’t see the yearlings as much as the rowdy cubs, so it’s good to get these photos of them, thanks to the enclosure cam.