It’s been very hot lately. Although bears in the wild don’t usually have any way to escape the heat, bears at ABR have the opportunity to cool off, and they do.

The yearlings have a Cubby Pool in which to swim, if they choose. The three female yearlings take turns in the pool.

Sweetie Bear relaxes in the Cubby Pool.
A couple hours later, Daffodil took a turn in the pool.
Daffodil found an apple and had a snack as she soaked.

The five cubs have a pool in their Acclimation Pen, too, but they tend to cool off by going into the Cub House. That’s where their food is, anyway.

The formula-porridge bowl is smaller. The curators are transitioning the cubs to a diet of solids only to get them ready for the Wild Enclosure.
The fifth cub was in the other room, where he had his own bowl.

So the heat doesn’t really affect our furry residents, which is a good thing. When they are released they will simply have to deal with whatever the weather happens to be.