Iris Bear (ABR Bear #292) arrived at ABR on May 14th and has been residing in an Acclimation Pen. With the departure for release of Hartley Bear, Iris was able to move to the Wild Enclosure and join Daffodil and Sweetie Bear. Iris had indicated to the curators that she’d had enough of the confinement and that she really wanted out! They were glad to oblige, since she had been eating well, eliminating properly, and seemed to be gaining weight.

Hey Curators! I wanna go out!

When they moved her they were able to check her weight. Iris weighed 31.2 pounds, a good start toward the weight she needs to gain before she can go home.

When the gate was opened, Iris wasted no time getting out into the Wild Enclosure.
Daffodil and Sweetie Bear observed the “new girl” from a distance.

It will likely take a few days for the three yearlings to become comfortable with sharing the territory. Remember, yearlings are much more solitary and less boisterous than cubs.

The morning after she entered the Wild Enclosure she was spotted sleeping in a tree. Guess she likes her new digs.

Iris Bear was seen sleeping high in a tree.

It will be interesting to see how the relationships develop (or don’t) among the three female yearlings.