Lots of photos in this post – of just about everybody. We start with the yearling who is seldom seen – Daffodil. The enclosure cam caught her several times.

Daffodil Bear likes the platform. The fur is growing back on her front legs.
She seems to be practicing her yoga. This is obviously the Downward Bear pose.
After a yoga session, Daffodil needs a rest.

She is very relaxed and drifts off to sleep.
“I won’t get up yet.”
Daffodil wakes up.
Daffodil is a very pretty young bear. After her rough start, she has come a long way.

The other yearlings, Hartley and Sweetie, were seen less, but there is one shot of Sweetie.

Sweetie rests on the log den. Earlier, she and Hartley were actually in the same tree!

Finally, the newest yearling, Iris Bear, is not showing too much stress in the acclimation pen. Hopefully she’ll tolerate it for a few more days.

Iris walks around the perimeter of her pen. No doubt she’d rather be outside.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll see what the busy cubs are doing.

Lunch is served in the Cub House.
How very polite and civilized! Have they had etiquette lessons?
Uh-oh! Lunch is interrupted for wrestling.
Porridge is splattered. What happened to those good manners?
Not so neat now – oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
In the Acclimation Pen, Boudreaux Bear is trying to tip the pool over. Two more cubs are tearing bark off of the Boardwalk.
Is that cub trying to climb the fence or pick the lock?
Four cubs in the Food Wheel, while the fifth cub is in back, attacking the tarp on the other side of the fence.

As you can see, all of the bears at ABR are doing well and just being bears. We never know what to expect next.