There is a world of difference between bear cubs and yearling bears. The cubs are perpetual motion machines, constantly doing something except when they are asleep. Look at the ABR cubs in these photos.

Cubs in the Cub House, where they eat, make messes, and play.
Two cubs eating. The rest are outside or in the other room of the Cub House.
A couple of cubs in the Acclimation Pen.

What to do now?
Three cubs ready to pounce on their unsuspecting siblings. Meanwhile, let’s peel bark.

In contrast to the busy cubs, the yearlings are much more subdued. They are solitary, and don’t seek each other out for companionship.

Hartley Bear rubs his back on a tree. Bears in the wild do this to scent-mark. Maybe he’s leaving his scent for Sweetie and Daffodil Bear.
Sweetie Bear is not impressed. She stays in her tree, ignoring Hartley. Daffodil does the same, in a tree that’s out of the camera range.

Amazing, isn’t it, how just a year can make such a difference in behavior. All the bears are behaving very normally for their ages.