There are swingy toys like balls and rings in the Cub House and in the Acclimation Pen. Now that all five cubs have access to the two rooms of the Cub House as well as the Acclimation Pen, they try out all the enrichment toys.

What fun to swing on the swingy ball!The other two cubs are too busy eating.
Swatting the ball is fun, too. Reminds us of playing tether-ball when we were kids.
This cub appears to be trying to figure out how to tear it down. We can see there are three other cubs in the room, all eating.

It seems that the five cubs are having fun together – we can’t identify who is who in these photos, although it would appear that the one in the lower right corner is one of the Louisiana cubs, who are the largest . We’ll keep watching them and enjoying their antics.