As you know, two of the cubs – Beignet and Blackbeary – have been in the Cub House for the last couple of weeks, to help Beignet develop her climbing skills and confidence before returning to the Acclimation Pen. It was time for them to join the rest of the cub gang. Here’s the story.

Morning in the Cub House. Breakfast time for Beignet and Blackbeary. We can see that Blackbeary has “porridge paw syndrome,” and had tracked some of his breakfast across the floor.

Bear cubs are not known for their neatness while eating.
Blackbeary and Beignet enjoy their morning meal. They eat some and wear some.
Now that they have made a wonderful mess, it’s time to move out.
The gate is opened and out they go.
Blackbeary walks up the boardwalk to where the other cubs are sleeping.
The napping cubs are oblivious to Blackbeary’s approach. Beignet heads for the honeysuckle.
Blackbeary reaches the platform and joins the others while Beignet climbs the fence.
Beignet climbs across the fence to the platform.
Bluebeary finally notices her brother. Beignet has joined the group on the platform.
Everyone is present and accounted for. The games will now begin!
Time for play!

The reunion was successful and the cubs seem happy to be together again. Won’t it be fun to watch them in coming days as they create new forms of chaos and mayhem!