Wild Enclosure #3 is where the three yearlings are residing. Unlike the playful cubs, yearlings tend to be timid and shy away from interactions with other bears. Our yearlings are no exception. The enclosure cam captured each of the yearlings, separately. First to be seen was Daffodil Bear.

Daffodil came out of the underbrush in the evening.
Not far away, Hartley was seen. He looked nervous.
Looking back at Daffodil, she is obviously nervous, also.
Daffodil keeps paws on the tree, in case she feels the need to climb quickly.
It appears that there is no threat, so she seems to have calmed down.

Suddenly, the camera went to night vision mode. Daffodil is settled.
Later she appeared again, this time eating an apple.

Off she went into the underbrush to sleep (we think).

Also seen in night vision, Hartley took a late night swim.

Hartley Bear enjoys the pool at any time of day or night.
He is very much at home in the water.

The third yearling also made an appearance in the late afternoon.

Sweetie Bear came to the Cubby Pool to get a drink.
Her visit was short. She soon returned into the underbrush.

As you can see, all of the yearlings are doing well and staying apart. That is how it will be when they return to the wild – each will lead their separate lives.