Here is a video that shows the triplet cubs in the Cub House before they went to the Acclimation Pen, Blueberry visiting Boudreaux out in the Acclimation Pen, and Daffodil Bear entering the Wild Enclosure. The first part (in the Cub House) is very funny, because poor Blueberry is trying to take a nap and her brother Hucklebeary tries very hard to wake her up to play. Finally he turns to his brother Blackberry and they start a wrestling match. Click here to watch the action.

The series of photos show what happened when the curators decided to move Beignet back into the Cub House with Blackbeary, to observe her closely and monitor her climbing skills. You’ll recall that she refused to come down from the resting platform, even with the aid of ramps.

Beignet needed to be observed closely, but needed another cub for company.
Beignet climbs up the familiar structure in the Cub House. No problem!

She is a strong little bear cub.

Beignet Bear shows off her climbing skills.

Look how agile she is!

The two cubs continued playing late into the night.

Both cubs played on the climbing structure late into the night.

We wonder why she was so reluctant to climb on the ramps to the platform out in the Acclimation Pen.

Meanwhile, in the outdoor pen, the other three cubs were doing what cubs do.

Boudreaux and the other two Bearys wrestle with each other.

These cubs were up late, too, playing with their swingy ball and who knows what else? Like unsupervised children, they make their own schedule.

Finally they climb up the ramp to go to bed. It’s about time!

We’ll see what happens the next time Beignet is in the Acclimation Pen. We hope she’ll be able to join in the fun and master the climbing ramp. Stay tuned.