Beignet Bear still wasn’t coming down from the platform, even with the ramp. Curator Coy put on his thinking cap and dreamed up a new climbing structure/ramp. First, the twins had to be corralled back in the Cub House, so the work could proceed. Coy and a board member did the work, which took just a few hours.

The twins felt right at home, and immediately started playing. The doors to Room 1 and the Acclimation Pen were closed.

When the work was done, it was time for big changes for all of the cubs.

The two gates were opened. Boudreaux is curious; Beignet is eating.

All five cubs are together in Room 1. They hold their first meeting.

The Cub Meeting moved to Room 2.

Boudreaux heads back to the Acclimation Pen. He’s in for a surprise!

Wow! Look at the new ramp!

Boudreaux opts for the familiar fence to get up to the platform.

He checks out the new ramp.

Not sure about this – Boudreaux heads back up to platform.

Later, he tries again.

Looks like he’s got the idea. He’s going further.

He made it all the way!

Now it’s time to eat! He remembers the Food Wheel, and grabs a snack.

Now that Boudreaux Bear has mastered the new climbing ramp, we expect him to show the other cubs, including his sister Beignet, how to go up and down. The five cubs will have access to the two rooms of the Cub House as well as the Acclimation Pen. It will be entertaining for us to watch them adjust to each other and the enlarged space.