All the bears are settled into their new places. So far, so good, but Beignet Bear has had trouble going up to the platform and back down. Curator Janet put up a ramp, hoping to make it easier for the little cub. Brother Boudreaux had no trouble using it (although he’d already demonstrated the ability to get up and down) but his sister still balked.

Boudreaux tried to show his sister how it’s done.

He got down, but seemed not to like being there alone, so he went back up. The curator served their meal on the platform, but that wasn’t going to become a routine.

Curator Coy added a tree trunk as an alternate ramp.

Two ramp choices – will this work? We’ll see. They stayed on their platform, but will come down eventually.

Daffodil Bear is doing well in her Acclimation Pen, although she spends a good bit of time on her platform. She can see out into Wild Enclosure #3 and it won’t be long before she wants out there!

Daffodil Bear does some pacing by the fence. She will be ready to go out soon.

The Beary triplets seem to be very happy in the Cub House. They are playing, eating, napping and frequently in a state of chaos. Perpetual motion and mayhem!

These cubs are rarely still, except when they sleep. So much to entertain them here!

So all is well with the bears at ABR. Come back for more updates…