In our last post we showed how Daffodil Bear was moved into her new quarters – the Acclimation Pen by Wild Enclosure #3. She is getting settled, although this was a big change for her. She is spending most of her time on the resting platform.

Now we’ll return to the story of the moves. Next up – it was Boudreaux and Beignet’s turn to leave the Cub House. They needed some “outside time.” Trouble was, they liked the Cub House and didn’t want to leave.

The Louisiana twins were having too much fun. They didn’t get the hint to leave.

“Thanks, but we think we’ll just stay here.”

Since they didn’t take the hint, Curator Coy decided to be insistent. Boudreaux and Beignet had retreated into their culvert den to hide, but Coy was not going to be outwitted.

Those cubs can’t win this battle of wits!
Coy picked up the culvert den with the cubs inside, and carried it to the Acclimation Pen.

The two cubs are moved!

Beignet backs out of the culvert den.


What to do now?

They climbed, of course!

Boudreaux and Beignet are in the Acclimation Pen adjacent to the Cub House and Wild Enclosure #4. Now to move the Beary triplets. They have definitely outgrown the Cub Nursery and need more room to explore and more to challenge them.

Coy carries a load of cubs, each weighing about 8 pounds now, to their new digs in the Cub House.

The triplets were not happy, but we’re betting they’ll soon change their minds.

Moving Day was successfully concluded. The only bears who didn’t move were Hartley and Sweetie Bear in Wild Enclosure #3. But we know that they were fully aware of the changes – their noses told them about the new bears nearby. They just stayed put in their trees.

In the days to come we’ll find out how the relocations work out.