Bear cubs like to eat! The ABR cubs are no exception. As they grow their menu is expanded to include new and different foods, and they take to them with relish. As to the “fine dining” – well, see what you think.

Boudreaux and Beignet sit down to dinner.

Uh-oh, things are getting a little rowdy.

Food fight! What happened to their manners?

Curator Tom was watching on the monitor in the office. When he saw the mess, he walked down to the Cub House, to clean out the other room and serve dinner again. When the cubs heard him approach, they ducked into their culvert den to hide (good bear behavior!)

In the den, they must have licked off all the porridge mess. Look how clean they are!

All cleaned up, and new bowls of porridge served. Ready to start again.

Fine dining it’s not, but apparently it suits our cubs just fine!

Daffodil’s menu has expanded. She is now getting cut up fruits with the yogurt and applesauce in her bowl. She likes everything.

Daffodil Bear is enjoying more of a variety in her diet.

Hartley Bear was relaxing on the platform. It was a nice day.

Hartley Bear snoozed in the sunshine.

He came down to visit his old daybed. He claims it as his own.

Sweetie Bear and Hartley keep to their own areas in the Wild Enclosure.

Sweetie watches. She keeps an eye on Hartley. Remember, yearlings are basically solitary.

Sweetie dines alone, by a different tree.

The bears are doing well and eating well. They may not realize it, but they are doing a good job of starting to “chubbify.” That, of course, is their main job at ABR.