The curators have had to visit the vets at UT several times already this year; each cub and yearling that arrives goes for a checkup right away. And there have been some return visits for little bears that needed additional veterinary care. Another return visit occurred when Daffodil Bear had to have sutures removed from the procedure she had at intake. Tulip Bear seemed to be losing ground, so she went along.

Daffodil’s stitches were removed. It was a quick and easy procedure.

Tulip Bear was not doing so well. She was sick and had an infection.

They returned to ABR with antibiotics for Tulip Bear. She was placed in the Cub Nursery where she could be monitored closely.

Hopefully, Tulip will respond to treatment.

Daffodil went to the Red Roof Recovery Center.

Daffodil has two rooms now. Her food is in the other room.

Meanwhile in the other Cub Nursery pen, the Beary triplets are cozy in their Cubby Cave – all three of them!

They are still small enough that they can snuggle in there together.

Boudreaux and Beignet are having a great time in the Cub House!

Beignet is interested in the hanging toy.
These two have grown since they first came to ABR. Beignet seems to be gaining on her brother.

Wrestling is a favorite activity.

There is always something new going on at ABR. Keep checking for more news. Sweetie and Hartley Bear are doing well in their areas. We just didn’t have any photos of them today.