Since ABR now has nine bears onsite, it’s a bit harder to keep track and report on all of them. Here is the latest scoop from April 9th.

You may recall that the two male triplet cubs, Blackbeary and Hucklebeary, were taken back to the UTCVM because they were having trouble drinking from the bottle. At the UT both little boys did well and they returned to ABR.

Blackbeary ate his formula while at UT.

We hope he and his brother continue to eat back at ABR.

Daffodil sleeps in the other pen in the Cub Nursery.

Boudreaux Bear starts his morning exercise, while his sister sleeps in the den.

Boudreaux has breakfast. Beignet is still in the den.

Tulip Bear has more space in the Red Roof Recovery Center.

Hartley is climbing every tree in his Wild Enclosure. He’s a happy bear!

We are looking forward to watching these little bears grow and change. Watch this space for the next post.