If you’ve been able to keep up, you know that ABR now is caring for 9 bears! Four of them are yearlings and five are cubs. Each one of them came to us needing special care, some more than others, but we wouldn’t have received any of them if there were no problems. We’ve had some bumps along the way, but as of now it seems that they are getting along quite well.

The triplet cubs (Bluebeary and her brothers Hucklebeary and Blackbeary) are in a pen in the Cub Nursery.For some reason, the two male cubs were not eating well. They didn’t seem to get the hang of nursing from the bottle, although their sister was doing fine. So Curator Coy took the two male cubs back to UT where – you guessed it! – they drank from the bottle with no problem!

Curator Coy feeds Hucklebeary at UT.

Dr Sullivan gives Blackbeary his bottle at UT.

Bear cubs can be ornery little characters! Both boys took their bottles without a problem. Meanwhile, their sister Bluebeary was left by herself in the pen in the Cub Nursery. She slept soundly, so apparently their absence wasn’t a significant source of distress.

Bluebeary Bear sleeping in the pen. She does look very small! Her brothers will return soon.

In the other Cub Nursery pen, Daffodil Bear is eating well and sleeping a lot.

Eat and sleep – that’s just what Daffodil needs to do.

The Louisiana twins, Boudreaux and Beignet, have moved to The Cub House. The move came at just the right time, because the “beary” triplets needed that pen! The LA duo are making themselves right at home and are exploring their new, larger space.

Since the new cubs’ arrival, Beignet is not the smallest ABR cub now. When they were moved they were weighed and she is three times the weight of the new guys.

Tulip Bear is in the Red Roof Recovery Center. She is starting to eat well and her plumbing is working, too.

Tulip Bear is settling into her new quarters. We hope she makes great progress.

Sweetie Bear has moved into the Acclimation Pen by Wild Enclosure #3, where Hartley Bear is residing. She will most likely join him in the enclosure soon.

It’s hard to see her, but she is on the platform, inside the log den.

Finally, Hartley Bear is living it up in his Wild Enclosure. Now that his fur is growing in, we can see that he has a nice little white blaze on his chest. He is looking handsome!

Our “bare” bear is bare no more – he is “hairy Hartley” now!

The curators really have their hands full. Although they have had more bears in the past, to have so many that are needy is a challenge. We’re not worried though – they are up to the challenge!