The two Louisiana cubs, Boudreaux and Beignet, are growing rapidly. They were weighed and Boudreaux tips the scale at 6.5 pounds, and his sister weighs 4 pounds! He is still enough larger that the curators separate the two for sleeping, but they spend a lot of their waking hours together.

Two little cubs at play.

Sweetie Bear, the latest arrival, is doing well after her short time at ABR. Although she is still on the reduced quantity of formula, she laps it up eagerly and it seems she’s already feeling better.

Sweetie Bear is looking better.

Sweetie is strong enough to stand. She has had a few bear pellets in her formula.

Sweetie is getting a lot of much-needed rest.

And then there’s Hartley Bear. He is growing new fur more quickly than anyone expected, and he’s looking better each day. Very soon he will be outside, in an Acclimation Pen.

Look at that fur!

Hartley snoozes on his bed. Soon he’ll be snoozing in trees.

We are so glad to be able to give a good report on all four of the ABR bears. Surely it will just be better as the days unfold.