Our Kentucky yearling, Hartley Bear, arrived on Valentine’s Day. He was undernourished and weighed about one-fourth of what he should weigh as a 13-month-old. Furthermore, he was conspicuously bald on his face and much of his body due to alopecia caused by chronic malnutrition. Since being at ABR, Hartley has received good and necessary nutrition, and after just under six weeks – look at the difference! The curators are surprised and needless to say, very pleased with Hartley Bear’s progress.

This was Hartley Bear when he arrived at ABR.

Look at Hartley Bear now! It’s amazing!

We are thrilled for Hartley Bear and his new look – he really does look like a bear now. Even better, now that he has fur to keep him warm, he will be able to move outside very soon! We are sure he’ll be happy about that!