The little one-and-one-half-month-old bear cubs from Louisiana, Beignet and Boudreaux, are kept apart due to the size difference (Boudreaux is considerably larger than his sister, and the curators don’t want him to injure her during sleep) but they have “supervised playtime” each day. Here are some photos of their interactions.

Two cubs look out at the world of the Cub Nursery.

Boudreaux is much larger than Beignet.

Beignet is not yet able to master her hind legs. She’s working on that coordination.
Beignet wants to “attack” her brother. It is a challenge for her.

Though smaller, Beignet is often the instigator.

Bear cubs this young grow and develop rapidly. If they were still with their mother, they would be playing like this in the den and fattening up on her rich milk. The bear milk replacement formula that the curators feed them is very nearly the same in terms of fat content. And the playtime together helps them to strengthen their muscles. They are doing well.