Today we have reports on the cubs and yearling, and we’re happy to say that all three are doing well. We’ll start with little Beignet Bear. You’ll recall that she had to spend a couple of nights in the ICU at UT College of Veterinary Medicine because of difficulties with her digestive system. Since she returned to the ABR Cub Nursery she has been making good progress, as you’ll see.

Beignet Bear is ready for her bottle.

Look at that! She has passed the 2 pound mark! Good bear!

That’s enough excitement. Time for a nap!

Brother Boudreaux Bear is an “eager eater” and drains his bottle at each feeding. He has gained weight, too, now he tops the scale at 3 pounds, 12 oz. Of course he was almost double his sister’s weight when they arrived, so his weight is not surprising.

Boudreaux Bear waits for his bottle.

Does he look impatient?

Eat and sleep – the life of a bear cub.

The curators adjust the amount of formula based on the individual cub’s weight. Beignet is now getting 25 ml of formula per feeding and Boudreaux is up to 45 ml per feeding.

The third of our Three Bears, Hartley the semi-furred yearling, is eating everything with enjoyment. After being given the green light to serve bear diet pellets (which should help with the fur regrowth) and blueberries in addition to the bear milk replacement formula, Hartley has been a little more active. However, he still sleeps a lot – sleeping helps him to make up for the long period he went without food or rest.

It’s a bit harder to see Hartley through the top of the pen, but there he is on his bed.

We are so happy to be able to report the good news about the three bears. Hopefully we’ll have more good news in days to come.