The three little bears at ABR are getting serious, round-the-clock care. Seems that it takes three curators in shifts to care for the three bears. Makes us wonder how a solitary mother bear manages when she has more than one cub.

Here are photos taken as the bears were drifting off to sleep.

Hartley Bear is feeling better. He took his “stuff” to bed with him.

The curators provided the toys for Hartley as enrichment, to give him something to investigate. He didn’t pay attention to the things for a few days, but now he seems to have decided that they are “his stuff” and he took them to bed. A sign that he is feeling better!

The sibling cubs snuggle up together to sleep.

Newborn cubs snuggle up in a “cubby pile” with their mother in the den, so it is perfectly natural for the sister and brother to do the same at ABR. Their daily cycle is cry, eat, poop and pee, sleep, and repeat. Keeps the curators busy!