In our last post we reviewed the three yearling bears that came to ABR for care during 2018. Now it is time to revisit the cubs of the year – those bears born in January of 2018.

The first cub to be brought to ABR was Clementine, who arrived in late April at the age of 3 months. She had been swept down the Nolichucky River and climbed out to safety in a tree. Clementine Bear weighed just 5.5 pounds, normal for her age. Though she was doing well, she died in July, very likely from the results of a fall in the Wild Enclosure.

Clementine Bear arrived in April and, sadly, died in July.

Viola Bear, our first Kentucky cub, was admitted May 11 and weighed 4.4 pounds. She had bite wounds on the back of her neck, inflicted by an animal. Viola was part of the Six-pack. She was released back in KY on December 20, weighing 77 pounds.

Viola Bear was an active and sometimes feisty cub.

Willow Bear was injured in an auto accident that killed her sibling. She arrived in early June, weighing 8.8 pounds at the age of 4.5 months. She was suffering from extreme dehydration and a possible concussion. She made a good recovery as another member of the Six-pack, and was released on December 7 weighing a healthy 82 pounds.

Willow Bear liked to climb the trees in her enclosure.

The first male cub was Bosco Bear, who was 6 months old when he arrived in July. He weighed 17.6 pounds and had been found in a tree, alone. Another cub in the Six-pack, Bosco was released on December 17th and weighed 74.5 pounds.

Bosco Bear was part of the Six-pack.

Ruff Bear was admitted in August, along with his brother. He was 6 months old and weighed 29 pounds. His mother was eating garbage and had been relocated before officers were aware that she had cubs. Ruff was healthy, except for showing signs of poor diet. He ate ABR’s good foods along with the rest of the Six-pack. When released on December 10th, Ruff weighed 74 pounds.

Ruff Bear was another member of the Six-pack.

Tumble Bear, brother to Ruff, came at the same time but was smaller, at 19 pounds. Tumble was another member of the Six-pack. He was released on December 10th and weighed 72 pounds.

Tumble Bear, Ruff’s brother, came to ABR at the age of 6 months.

Cherry Bear, sister to Ruff and Tumble, evaded capture for a few days, but was brought to ABR on August 11. She, too, was 6 months old and weighed 21 pounds. The three siblings were released together on December 10th. Cherry Bear weighed 74 pounds.

Cherry Bear was an exceptionally attractive cub.

On August 15th, we received our second KY cub, Piccola Bear. She was underweight for 6 months old, at just 13 pounds and had a perforated intestine from a dart when captured. She remained the smallest ABR cub, but was very active and friendly when another cub joined her in her Wild Enclosure. Piccola returned to KY with Viola Bear on December 20th. She weighed 73.5 pounds.

Piccola Bear was alone for a while, but entertained herself.

Dash Bear was the oldest cub to arrive in 2018. She was 7 months old when she came to ABR in early September. She weighed 33 pounds and had been hit by a car that killed her sibling. Dash had a broken mandible and had to have her jaw wired. She also had other lacerations, all of which healed so that she entered Piccola’s Wild Enclosure after a month. Dash was the last cub to be released, on December 22nd, She weighed 100 pounds.

Dash Bear tripled her weight at ABR.

We are always glad to be able to share the success stories of cubs who have thrived and been released back to their habitats. However, not every rescue has a happy ending. In our next post we’ll share a couple of sad stories and a couple of interesting/amusing ones from the previous year.