ABR had a relatively busy year in 2018. To start off this new year we thought it would be good to review last year. In this post we’ll recall the three yearlings who came to us for care. The next post will remember the cubs.

April Bear arrived on April 2nd, and had suffered broken ribs from a car accident. She weighed 68 pounds – good for a 13-month-old yearling. She needed only a short time at ABR and was released on June 7th, weighing 102 pounds.

April Bear was named for the month she arrived.

The next yearling was from Louisiana. Magnolia Bear was admitted on May 21st. As a 16-month-old, she was underweight and undernourished at just 21 pounds. When she was released on October 18th, Magnolia weighed a healthy 80 pounds.

Our Louisiana Bear was named for the state flower.

The third yearling was Bumble B. Bear. He was a 16-month-old, arriving on May 31st. He was also underweight at 23 pounds, and was found hanging around a candy store. Bumble B. was released in September and weighed a hefty 106 pounds.

Bumble B. Bear was a handsome fellow who loved to swim in his pool.

It was rewarding to watch these yearlings recover quickly and be released to have their second chance at a wild life. We hope they are doing well in their natural habitats.