With all the 2018 cubs having been released, the curators were planning a restful and relaxing week between Christmas and New Years, but that was not to be. A fierce storm with high winds did some serious damage at the ABR facility requiring immediate attention.

We are very glad that there were no cubs in residence and no humans, either, so there weren’t any injuries to living beings. But here’s an idea of what happened to the fencing and to one of the storage buildings.

The high winds toppled a pine tree, which crushed the shed.
Fencing was damaged by the fallen tree.
Volunteers checked the damage to plan their next move.
Curator David started to cut the tree.
One of the Wild Enclosures suffered broken fencing. It will have to be repaired by professionals.
The winds were strong enough to strip the anti-climbing wraps off of trees in the enclosure.

So much for the week of R&R. Some of the repairs needed immediate repair.