Dash Bear was the last cub to leave ABR and return home, and it happened just before Christmas, on December 22nd. You may recall that each month on the 22nd we celebrate a “Cubby Birthday,” because January 22nd is the midway point in the range of possible cub birthdays. So this was a very special birthday gift for her.

Dash arrived on September 4th, after being hit by a car that killed her sibling. At UTCVM she was found to be quite healthy, but had a fractured mandible that required wiring to hold it together.

Dash was examined at the UTCVM.
Dr. Duvall performed the surgery to wire Dash’s mandible back together.
In the Recovery Center her appetite was good; she ate everything served.
After being confined in the Recovery Center for a month, and having the wire removed from her healed jaw, Dash was transferred to the Acclimation Pen for Wild Enclosure #3. She cussed the curators out.
When the gate was opened, she dashed out into Wild Enclosure #3, to meet Piccola.
Dash explored the enclosure.
Dash played with the swingy ball.
She swam in the Cubby Pool.
After some time together, Dash and Piccola foraged together.
Friends at last, Dash and Piccola Bear had grown into beautiful cubs.
Beautiful, healthy Dash Bear was ready to go to her wild home.

In the next post we will show the workup procedure for our stubborn Dash Bear, leading to her release on December 22nd.