Our last post showed how Bosco Bear fared during his time at ABR. He had arrived in July, a six-month-old cub weighing 17.6 pounds. This post will tell the story of his workup and release back into the wild.

Bosco Bear on his way to the release staging area.
UT vets were there to help with the workup.
TWRA officer Sterling Daniels was set to transport Bosco to his new home.
Curator Janet helps to ease him onto the scale.
Eyes covered, Bosco Bear weighed in at 74.5 pounds, a good weight for an 11-month-old cub.
Bosco’s paws were measured; other measurements were taken also.
He has large paws to grow into.
Curator Janet watched and waited for Bosco to wake up.
Bosco is awake and ready to go.
At the release site, the transport carrier was opened. Bosco Bear was home!

Bosco Bear ran into the woods and disappeared. As always, we wish for him a long life, away from humans, cars, and trash. Good-bye and Good luck, Bosco!