Bosco Bear arrived at ABR in July, 2018. He was about six months old. Following protocol, he was taken to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine for an intake exam. His “story” of why he was separated from his mother was unknown, but the exam showed him to be healthy apart from a few ticks, a broken incisor and discolored baby teeth.

Bosco Bear at UT for his exam.
Fortunately, these were just baby teeth. They would improve and his adult teeth would be better, thanks to good nutrition.

At ABR, Bosco went into the Acclimation pen adjoining the Wild Enclosure where Viola and Willow were residing.

Bosco in the Acclimation pen. He didn’t like the pen.
But he played with the swingy ball as he explored the pen.

He looked around, intrigued by the various items.

Anxious to get out, he started to demolish the “doorway.”

Bosco was quite destructive. The curators decided he should go out.
Bosco Bear was let out of the pen after a few days.
Bosco was a skinny, long-legged cub.

Viola and Willow Bear were not friendly, so Bosco entertained himself in the Wild Enclosure.

Bosco tried out the tire bridge. He showed off his long tongue.
He climbed high in a tree, trying to get the girls’ attention.
He lay down on the grass, showing how relaxed and laid back he was.
Bosco tried out the Cubby Pool.

Bosco Bear wanted to make friends with the two girls. He was persistent, even when they rejected him.

He climbed up to the platform to visit Viola and Willow.
Willow and Viola didn’t want him there. They climbed higher.
Persistence paid off. At last he joined them on the platform.
Bosco and the two girls became friends.
As they foraged and grew, they became best buddies.
Bosco had a fine set of cubby ears!
The trio foraged and ate together. They were eating a lot.

The triplet cubs – Ruff, Tumble and Cherry joined the trio and suddenly we had “the Six-pack!”

The Six-pack foraging for acorns and other nuts.

They had pool parties during the warm weather.
Bosco became a very handsome cub!

Bosco Bear was ready for release back into the wild. He entered an Acclimation pen and in his usual, laid-back style showed no stress or concern. He simply went on eating and snoozing as he’d been doing for the last couple of weeks.

The next post will show the details of his workup and release.