We have posted about the preparations for the release of the four cubs that remain at ABR.  Three of them are relaxing in their respective Acclimation pens, eating the tasty morsels provided.  And then there is Dash Bear.  Dash is still out in the Wild Enclosure and so far she has not even yielded to the temptation of yummy foods in the culvert trap.

Dash Bear is healthy and ready for release, if she’d just cooperate.

She approaches the culvert trap cautiously.

Dash is curious about the trap and the smells coming from within.

The trap has been closed while the curators have other things to do.

The curators couldn’t watch continuously, so they closed the trap for awhile.  Maybe that will increase the curiosity of the cub and she’ll step inside when the gate is reopened.  We can hope so!

Stay tuned.