There are just four black bear cubs, all of whom are ten months old, remaining at ABR.  Five have been released in the past few days.  Three of the remaining cubs are cooperating with the curators’ plans and they are waiting in Acclimation pens where they can be easily and safely immobilized on their release days.  One stubborn cub has resisted and the curators have gone to Plan B.

Viola Bear rests on the platform of her Acclimation pen.

Piccola, in another pen, rests on the platform there.

Bosco Bear. in a third Acclimation pen, goes to get a drink.

Plan B is a culvert trap baited with sardines to tempt uncooperative Dash Bear.

The curators will be monitoring the four cubs, and we will be hoping that Dash succumbs to the sardines and enters the culvert trap.  Keep your fingers crossed!