In our last post we showed a review of the lives of the ABR triplets (Cherry, Ruff and Tumble Bear).  Today’s post will show how their workup and release went.  We’ve been releasing one cub at a time, but this time all three of the siblings were prepared and went off to their new, wild home.

Tumble weighed 72 pounds. Quite a good weight gain, since he was 24 pounds in August.

Tumble’s foot.

Tumble, just before his eyes were covered.

Tumble’s mouth and teeth were healthy. A big improvement.

Ruff Bear was next.

Ruff’s temperature went down in response to the immobilization drug. He was wrapped in a blanket.

Ruff was measured and weighed. His weight was 72 pounds.

A fur sample was collected for DNA matching.

Ruff was taken to the transport pen on the truck.

Finally it was Cherry’s turn.  The drug took longer to work on her.

Cherry Bear had an especially beautiful fur coat.

Her coat was 4 inches long!  She was healthy like her brothers at 74 pounds.

Cherry went to the transport carrier on the truck.

The truck carrying the three cubs drove away from ABR.

Good-bye to our triplets – live long and happily as free, wild bears.  They have learned to eat good foods and we hope they stay away from human food and trash!


Here is a brief video of the actual release – click here to watch the three bears scamper into the woods.