The number of cubs being cared for at ABR is decreasing rapidly with the release of the triplets – Ruff, Tumble and Cherry Bear.  As we have done before, we’ll post about their lives at ABR and follow up with a post about the actual release.

Ruff and Tumble Bear were rescued after TWRA relocated their mother, who was eating trash,  Unbeknownst to the officers until after the relocation, there were now cubs who needed care.  The two boys were trapped and brought to ABR.

Ruff and Tumble Bear were examined at UT.

Ruff weighed 29 pounds; Tumble weighed 19 pounds.  In August they were 7 months old, and their weights were heavier than they would have been if they had eaten only natural foods.

Ruff and Tumble were transferred into Acclimation Pen #4.

Tumble Bear was all ears and paws.

Ruff found the Food Wheel in the Acclimation Pen.

Ruff and Tumble settled into their Acclimation Pen.

A few days later, their sister Cherry Bear was rescued.

Cherry Bear was in a cherry tree, from which she got her name.

Cherry Bear went to UT for her exam.  She weighed 21 pounds.

Her baby teeth were not healthy, due to the poor quality of food (trash) she had eaten.

Cherry spent a few days in a different Acclimation Pen while taking her meds.

The three siblings were together as they entered Wild Enclosure #4.

The earlier trio – Willow, Viola and Bosco Bear, were already in Wild Enclosure #4.  At first, the triplets were wary of the other cubs.

They were uncertain about the other three, who were uncertain about them.

The triplets foraged together, and stayed away from the others.

Ruff, Tumble and Cherry foraged for the healthy food.

Eventually they foraged together – the Six-pack was formed!

The Six-pack played and foraged together.  They were a rowdy group of cubs.

They had pool parties during the warm weather.

The triplets were growing and “chubbifying” nicely.

Cherry Bear was turning into a beauty.

Tumble was looking mighty fine.

Ruff had put on a good amount of weight.

It was time for the three sibling cubs to return to the wild.  They were to be released together.

Part 2 of their story will be in our next post.