Our last post was a review of Willow’s life at ABR, from her arrival as a tiny, four-month-old cub with serious injuries, to the fine, healthy, ten-month-old cub she is now.  As promised, today we will share the photos of her workup and actual release.

Rangers Ryan and Greg prepare the immobilization jab stick.

The two rangers, plus Curators Coy and Tom went down to get Willow.

Ranger Ryan checks that the necessary tools are ready.

Ranger Ryan lifts Willow onto the scale.

Willow weighed 82 pounds – nearly ten times her weight on arrival!

Willow was measured from one end to the other (from nose to nubbin).

Curators Tom and Coy took other measurements, too.

Curator Coy pulled a fur sample for future DNA identification.

Willow was blindfolded to keep her eyes from drying out.

Willow’s paw has grown.

Willow’s foot has grown, too.

Her mouth was checked. Her teeth and gums are healthy.

Willow is carried to the truck.

The two rangers place Willow in the transport carrier.

Willow is ready, as soon as she wakes up.

At the release site, Willow cautiously comes out of the transport carrier.

She is seeing her new home for the first time.

Willow wastes no time. She jumps down from the truck.

Off she goes. Goodbye, Willow Bear!

As always, we wish that our departing cubs live long and healthy lives in the wild.  Goodbye and Good luck, Willow Bear! Please stay away from humans and roads.