In our last post we showed how healthy Persimmon Bear has become in the care of ABR.  And on December 4th, she was deemed ready for release back into the wild!  Here is a review of her days at ABR.

Persimmon Bear went to UTCVM for a checkup after her rescue.

You will recall that she had been hit by a car, resulting in serious injuries, including broken ribs and a perforated lung.

Persimmon was housed in the Red Roof Recovery Center where she could be monitored around the clock.

It didn’t take long for her to feel much better.

When she rebelled against the confinement of the Recovery Center, she was moved to Acclimation Pen #2

Even the larger pen did not satisfy her for long, and she was released into the adjacent Wild Enclosure sooner than the curators had planned.

Persimmon entered the Wild Enclosure eagerly.

She found a spot that was perfect for her daybed and used it often.

She made great progress.

Persimmon became adept at balancing on the foundation for the unfinished platform.

Persimmon proved that she could climb trees easily.

She grew to be a healthy and chubby cub.

This is a photo of Persimmon on her last day at ABR.

Persimmon Bear arrived at the age of nine months.  She was ready for release into the wild at the age of ten and one-half months!  What a great recovery!

Our next post will show how the release procedure played out.